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Whether it is to pamper yourself or to appreciate a friend, gifts exist to be the purest form of love. Magic boxes have brought to you the perfect way to express your love by their unique and unforgettable ‘magic gift boxes,’ which are not merely made to appeal the adults but to people of all ages! These boxes are specially made to write a definition of love amongst you and your loved ones and so are made with the finest quality and our best efforts. The main purpose of calling it a ‘magic box’ is how it can make someone’s day and grow the respect and affection they have for you in their heart. It shows that it is made with care and strong feelings.

Our box structure is made of fine and clean wood and is wrapped with a beautiful piece of cloth from the inside where the little gift items can sit on. We have the most loved by everyone (literally) Rolex watches or art pieces that define themselves as a thoughtful gift.

A watch is a regular reminder of the person who gifted it to you. Every time they look at it, it reminds them of you, and let’s be honest, and is there one who would not prefer to get a watch as a gift? They are thoughtful, symbolizes love, and most importantly, fashion too! We place our watches wrapped around a soft mini cushion to let them arrive unscratched and safe to you. Now coming to the artwork pieces, which makes itself the most thoughtful gift near love. It can make a person feel special about themselves or your friendship at many levels because art always speaks a message which can bring back a beautiful memory or even an inside joke. All the chosen items are selected and placed very carefully in the box and over a nice piece of cloth.

Along with these sophisticated gifts, we also place two super cute owl toys which own to be more of a fun and funky item in the box and will for sure bring a smile to your or your loved one’s face. They are great as a room décor item too. Lastly, the item that plays a double role of beautifying the box and spreading the aroma of love, and you guessed it right, it is the dry flowers we sprinkle in our box at the end. Being locked till the time it is delivered, it spreads its scent into the other items, and whenever the person tends to open the box, its fragrance takes place in their room as well as in their heart to acknowledge how much thought you have put in a gift making them feel special.

We appreciate friendships, and as a brand, we spread love. Our biggest priority is our customer’s satisfaction and their shot at making someone else’s day. We appreciate it, but our magic boxes do not have to be a gift for someone else. This year raise your glass to self-love and prioritize yourself with the box of love.


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