Four simple rules for choosing a gift.

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“it is better to give than to receive.”

Not only can Santa give happiness with his gifts, but you can too.

Gifts are a symbol of love and affection from ancient times until the present day. Giving gifts is not associated with any culture or country. Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive; your presentation and attention towards a gift bother the most.

It is scientifically proven that the money you spend on giving gifts to someone gives you more happiness than the money you spend on yourself.

“Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.”
—Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind.

There are so many things that you can give as a present on any occasion, such as books, reading materials, play station, magic boxes, watches, make-up, etc.

It takes time to choose a gift for your loved one’s birthday or any other special occasion. Parents have to pay a lot of attention while selecting a gift for their kids. There always remains confusion or uncertainty about what thongs we should present as a gift.

The gift’s choice will become more comfortable when you know how you will present the gift. Here are four simple rules you can consider while choosing a gift.

  1. A gift they want.
  2. A gift they are needing.
  3. A gift they read.
  4. A gift they don’t know they want, but you do.

A gift they want.

Here a question that may arouse in your mind that how to know what gift they want? Here is an answer with two points.

  • Please make a list of items he is interested in.

Grab a pen and paper and write down the things the person is interested in or want to have, like a girl will be interested in beauty items the most, kids will be more interested in game stations, and the list goes on and on than declutter the least essential things from the list.

  • You can ask them.

Yes, you can ask the person about his present need. But don’t show that you will give him that needed thing as a gift, let it remain a surprise.

You can consider these points while choosing a gift for your loved one.

A gift they need.

A gift is love, but a needed gift is a blessing.

When you consider giving your gift as a blessing to someone rather than to fulfill the requirements, you have to know their needs. For example, if you know that the recipient is a coffee lover, you can give him a jar of branded coffee wrapped in lovely gift wrapping.

It is not always necessary that the recipient still love worldly things as a gift; you can also arrange a trip as a gift for a traveling lover.

Your time to your loved ones can be the best gift for them; if you feel that they need your time, give it to them as a gift.

A gift they read.

We all love reading, but receiving material we love to read as a gift will create wonders in our lives.

Books themselves are a gift. They can change humans’ lives. According to Neil Gaiman’ “Books make great gifts because they have a whole world inside them.”

If the recipient is a book lover, you can present him his favorite book as a gift from you. You can also give books and magazines and other reading materials that attract your loved one.

You can even imagine how happy he will be to receive a book as a gift because only a book lover will appreciate such contributions.

Consider writing something your favorite on the first page of the book so that whenever he will open the book, the writing will remind him of you.

A gift they don’t know they want, but you do.

Sometimes strange situations come in our lives when we don’t know what we want. This is the situation where the obligation of our near and dear ones starts. In this situation, we should know what our loved ones are needing.

For example, when we see some flaws in someone’s language, we should give him a dictionary as a gift. The aim of this gift should not embarrass him but to protect him from humiliation publicly.


In this article, we have discussed four rules for choosing a gift for someone, i.e., a gift they need, a gift they want, a gift they read, or a gift they don’t know they want, but you do. The gift is not merely a thing, but it is your love and blessing for your loved ones.

The price of the gift doesn’t matter; it is the love and affection that are involved.

Spread the love with your gifts.

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